Chinese American Charity Foundations Every child needs a hand to hold to learn to walk; every person goes through the lows and highs in his life. This is why we should walk hand in hand supporting each other in the other’s low period while celebrating the higher moments. Life is too short to stay selfish. One should love and be kind to all and quick to help. Charity is not about showing pity to the poor, its more about caring and helping the other when they need it in the hope that the same will be reciprocated when you are in need of the same. In 1994 Chinese Orphan Formula Fund commenced which later expanded to Chinese Children Charity fund as the only Chinese-government run institution in the US helping several abandoned unhappy children and spreading happiness among all.

Another North American Chinese Education Foundation (NACEF) is focused on supporting higher education in the Chinese American community in US along with financially helping the underprivileged children in China, emphasizing on the importance of higher education for all. There is another ongoing charity foundation proposal from the United States in which US and China are to carry out a program for 10 years together to provide hearing aids in a subsidized rate and for free to the hearing-impaired people. The needy or the deprived often hope for a silver lining every morning, waiting for a helping hand to lift them from their miseries.